The 360-drive mover is versatile and offers more features than traditional movers. The 360 drive is compact, steers within one meter and even in an elevator it can run around its axis. Therefore it can also be used by special logistic services and emergency couriers.

With the battery pack can be driven up to 35 km per day. The 360-drive also comes into its own in logistics services and gross and fine transport where loads are pulled over (large) distances.


A point of focus in terms of physical strain is the process of torque to pull loads / trolleys. The user can stand on the platform during coupling and uncoupling. This method of linking is more efficient and cost effective than with traditional movers. On the 360-drive is additionally an interchangeable mount point. It makes each link to any load very easily interchangeable.


Pulls heavy trolleys and is simple to use
Prevent body strain injuries and fatigue
Operator’s line of vision is slightly elevated, giving excellent visibility
Operator’s weight is added to the machine weight for maximum traction
Very low centre of gravity prevents tipping
Compact design creates effective turn on self steering.
The load hitch point is conveniently placed between the two rear wheels, resulting in easy light steering
Independently powered rear drive wheels
Dual front steer wheels great stability and control
60 Ah 24 Volt Battery package gas-tight for over 35km of driving
High quality motor controller system, seamless start
Extreme short turning cycle around centre point

Technical details

24 volt output
Charger 8 Amp made in Sweden IP67 shockproof up to 8 hours of recharging time
Ground clearance – 39 mm
Pull capacity 1500 kg
Length 815 mm, width 670 mm
Overall height 1350 mm, Platform height 140 mm
Speed 6 km/h (faster up to 10-12 km/h on request)
Slopes or ramps max. 400 kg on 7 degrees
Operation forward and reverse throttle with soft start
Tow hitch 20mm diameter steel pin or on request
Safety emergency stop button, 2 electronic brakes, key on electronic block brake, current brake (optional), parking brake.
Horn 30 decibel or 115 decibel (optional)